21 Aug

Down in the deepest hell,
I see the dawn of a new life,
I walk alone for the dream of mine,
To be one with the darkness,
Can’t wait any longer,
My pains getting stronger,



9 May

I can still hear them,
through nightmares,
the dreams of mine,

Wolves calling for my return to the land,
where thoes who burns returns in the ashes of the night,
where fairytales where born and the legends are stays true,
where nightingales reborns in the shadows,
where forests have no return,


19 Mar

Storyteller beneath the rising sun,
Silent cry when horizons meets the eye,
Shadow memories returns in stories,
Child born in shadows of a lifetime,
Drown in nightmares of a past life,

Storyteller without pen and paper,
An apple without a core,
Dragons and wonderlands won’t be no more,
Closets to wonderland forever closed,

Fallen mirrors in the hall of dreams,
Chocolate factories and walking toy soldiers,
Witches and goblins through ice cream castles,
Nothing is what it seams in a childs dreams,

I followed the madness,
Ended up in a show of craziness,
Trampolines and jumping penguins,
Clowns juggling with body parts
and Laughting jokers with floating heads,

Darkness in their mind,
No future for this unkind,
Wish the tape to rewind,
This places is to mad for mankind,

In the middle of a freakshow,
Flying pigs above my head,
The madness has brought the dead,
Cutting heads and playing undead roulette,
Undeads starts dancing,

Stories without heroes,
Glory to the brave,
Silent sleeps in the grave,

The forgotten sands

21 Jan

Empty bottle in my hands,
Flowing water toward the lands,
As I discover the forgotten sands,

Pharaoh’s rising from the grave,
I see the new horizon from the cave,

With the sun as my direction,
I will continue my journey for to find the lost son,
Watched by gods allseeing eye,
Who knows why he did go,

Immortal son,
Once upon a journey begun,

Trapped in a Midnight fantasy

19 Jan

Trapped in a midnight fantasy,
Rapt from reality,

Why don’t you see,
The innocence in me,
When darkness getting closer,

Born in shadows,
Long way from those heavenly meadows,

Shadowwriter without a poem,
Sworn to find the way back home,

A Dreamer deep within,
Standing at the shore,
Imagine a better world,

Innocence boy, Without a poem,
On his way back home,

Eagles flying,
Nearly stand there crying,
Their wings bear my sorrows,
My sorrows for the long lost home,

Solve the problem!

8 Dec

When you’re crawling in deep mud with an unsolved puzzle,
why would you blame on me,
Why don’t you see,
Try to find the solution to solve your problem,
Don’t you see when the eagles turns the wrong way,

You wanted my name written on paper,
a paper that you always manage to lose,
You know what!, soon I will lose control

Don’t disturb the boiling water in the calm forest.
What do you fear,
Do you think the end is near?
Are you afraid to drown in destinys lake,
Ending up in an endless hall of mirrors,
The Rollercoaster ride of yours has not yet ended,
The ride turned into the place you had seen as many times before,
Monsters, ghosts and rotten souls, Thats what you found in the ghost-mansion built of your fears,
Inside the ghost-mansion, there was a dark figure who was waiting for you, it was the reaper

Welcome! deadly human,
This is “Nightmare’s mansion”
Here’s where you find darkness, to dark to Tell
Yes! It’s your living Hell,
Can’t you hear the ringing of the Judgement Bell,

Only dreams can turn

16 Nov

Part 1.
This is a story of a poet with neverending imagine,
On a journey of dreams he flies,
Days and nights,
Through the clouds to the dreamers hideaway

Part 2.
Endless days,
Endless nights,
Never asking why the stars so bright,
Neverending story for hope and glory,
Chapter by chapter,
Does it have any ending in the book of memories

Part 3.
Only dreams can turn,
Forgotten memories will burn,
Try to find stories that never returns,
Demons from the past will always come back,
Just wait for their attack,
Crawling, eating and defeating,
All to make a dreamers mind blind,
While asleep he met them once again,

Part 4.
Tears are falling,
Witness the fears whitin his destiny calling,
The forsaken poet which only wish was to be forever innocence to the world,
Was now just another forfotten poet in a world of unbelievers,
Attached to a pole he went thrown into the black hole

Part 5.
Deep, cold and dark,
Can´t hear when the campfire sparks,
Don´t even when the wolfs barks,
The feeling that I’m all alone is getting stronger every second

Part 6.
My life suddenly passed my eyes,
I remember that I was a child born from fears,
Can’t remember when I shed my first tears,
I strongly feel that my ending soon will be near

Part 7.
In the middle of a flashback,
I felt that someone was breathing on my neck,
Demons from my past was standing behind my back,
Those who with my dreams and all my poetry had become real, and now wanted to defeat me,
What evil do they see in their creator and storyteller,
The nightmares of a lifetime was collected and I was imprisoned in a living hell

Part 8.
The ground’s shaking,
From the underground he came,
The most horrific monster,
His name is GhoulGrouhn,
A gaint from the deep, dark ashes,

Part 9.
Monsters claws wont rip for to defeat my anger,
All those tears and inner fears,
Not even a thousand demons wont help me,
I quess I have to defeat myself before that ever happen